Create Stop-Scrolling Social Media Posts in 5 Minutes with NO Graphic Design Skill and Complex Software

Boost your Brand on Social Media and fast-track your workflow with done-for-you Canva Design templates Special designed for small biz owners and online entrepreneurs.

Do You Want to CREATE Beautiful Content for your social media, GET significant results, and GAIN Real Attention...


You Don't Know Where to Start!

You don't have any idea and creativity to create pro-looking design that convert

NO Skills... NO Time.

You don't have the skills to create engaging and beautiful designs, and don't have time to learn how to make design

Don't Want to Use Complex Design App

There's no time for you to learn how to use a Design app like Photoshop, Illustrator...etc, that so complex and expensive.

Don't Have Enough Money

You don’t want to spend thousands to hiring an expensive Designer / Freelaners who is not going to understand your Brand vision.

Do you wish there was a better, faster, and simpler way to create content without taking hours of your time...?

Sure You CAN...

No More Designing from Scratch!

Stop wasting precious hours staring at a blank screen. Designing from scratch can be difficult and time-consuming.

Skip the Learning Curve.

No more wasting days or weeks trying to figure out how Photoshop works.

Save your Money.

No more hiring expensive freelancers. Freelancers might sound like a good idea until you have to pay the invoice.

Save the Frustration.

Trying to come up with a beautiful design for your content can be a frustrating chore.


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Now You Can Level Up your Social Media Game with Strategic and Share-Worthy Graphics Without Hiring an Expensive Graphic Designer

How Canvapedia Will Help You

Boost your Brand with Engaging Content

Grow your audience with engagement boosting and share-worthy marketing designs.

Design a Solid Social Media Strategy

Step up your IG game and create content that your audience will love and share.

Turn Followers into Customers

Grow your email list, get more leads, and build a community of raving clients and customers

Accelerate your Success. Launch and Grow Faster

Think like a Lady, Launch like a Boss with expert, share-worthy IG templates.

Save Time, Money, and Frustration

Focus on what you do best - helping your clients and growing your business.

Show Up Authority in Your Industry

Become the go-to person in your niche by sharing beautiful value-packed posts with your tribe.

Sneak Peeks...

Enjoy a small preview of the thousands of designs template inside Our Canvapedia. 

You Can Super Easy to Edit
All These Designs With Canva

Canva is the world's easiest free image editing software.
It's the BEST solution for you to create graphic content quickly and easily, even if you have little to no graphic design skills.

Canva is a graphic design tool that makes creating custom graphics easy. It’s available for FREE and PRO account.

Canva easily accessible by computer, phone or tablet, and very user friendly. 

It’s provides the tools necessary to create aesthetically pleasing graphics that will grow your social media profile as well as your brand

The best part… it’s enough to use Canva FREE account.
You don’t need to have Canva PRO account to work with our Canvapedia’s templates collection

You only Need Canva FREE Account...
And almost ZERO graphic Design skills needed.

How it Works?

It’s super easy to create Engaging and Share-Worthy Graphics for your business using Canvapedia templates


Get instant access to the entire designs in a PDF file that contains the direct links to the Canva templates.


Simply switch out the fonts, colors, images & other graphic elements to match your branding.

Export & Share

Quickly create stunning graphics and export them from Canva to post on Instagram!

It's Super Easy to Customize
Everything in Canva!

Canva makes graphics designing as simple as a Drag and Drop.

Customize the DESIGN
to Match your BUSINESS...

All templates created for MULTIPURPOSE design. You can simply switch out the images, fonts, colors, and other graphic elements inside the templates to match your design purposes.

Who is This For?

This Canvapedia templates is special created for everyone who don’t have enough time, skill, or budget… but wants to create beautiful design content like a PRO Designer


Product Creator

Business Owner

Educator, Coach




Design Agency

Network Marketer


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The Launch Period (and the discount) only for 5 Days!


Frequently Asked Questions

Canvapedia is a product from Pixelova Inc. containing various design templates for Canva.

Tentunya kami hadirkan dengan style desain yang (kami tahu) akan DISUKAI oleh audience, lebih KEKINIAN, dan lebih terlihat ADUHAI. Harapannya bisa meningkatkan KEPERCAYAAN DIRI anda dalam melakukan presentasi di depan orang…

Itu adalah target dari setiap desain kami.

PRO Presenter bukanlah berupa software aplikasi atau sejenisnya yang perlu di install.

Isinya adalah berupa kumpulan file Powerpoint (.PPT) yang bisa anda edit dan sesuaikan dengan kebutuhan isi presentasi anda

Karena semua desain dalam PRO Presenter ini dibuat dengan Powerpoint (.PPT), maka yang anda perlukan adalah aplikasi tersebut untuk mengeditnya

Kami membuat desain tersebut menggunaka software Ms. Powerpoint 2016. Maka akan berfungsi maksimal jika diedit menggunakan Powerpoint versi 2016 keatas.

Sebenarnya bisa juga diedit menggunakan Powerpoint versi dib awah 2016, namun adakalanya bebera fitur animasi tidak berfungsi.

Untuk itu kami sarankan untuk memakai versi 2016 keatas

NO, not at all! Canva is really easy to use, with it’s drag & drop interface. There’s also so many tutorials about Canva in YouTube.

However, our customer service will always ready to help if you have any issue with the templates, usually we reply in less than 24 hours!

Setelah melakukan pembayaran & konfirmasi ke kami, anda akan menerima email notifikasi bahwa akun anda telah Aktif akses downloadnya.

Anda kemudian bisa LOGIN ke Member Area mengguna data login yang telah dibuat sebelumnya, lalu menuju menu AKSES PRODUK untuk mendownload produk yang dibeli

Absolutel YES..!! all pictures used in this design pack have a license that allow redistribution. So you can use it for your design or replace it with your own images. All the fonts are are ready to use inside Canva

Anda akan mendapatkan Licensi COMMERCIAL.

Dimana dengan license tersebut selain bisa digunakan untuk desain kebutuhan sendiri, anda juga berhak untuk menggunakan template desain PRO Presenter ini untuk bahan membuat layanan desain untuk Client.

Yang berhak anda berikan ke klien adalah format jadi dari desain yang anda bikin. Bukan format mentah bawaan PRO Presenter (file template kami).

Lisensi ini sifatnya UNLIMITED.
Artinya anda bebas menggunakan untuk membuat SEBANYAK MUNGKIN file desain yang anda butuhkan untuk Pribadi/Klien.

Tapi anda TIDAK BOLEH menjual ulang template-template ini kepada orang lain, baik melalui website sendiri, Group, maupun melalui Marketplace.

Tidak boleh dibagikan gratis

Tidak boleh dijadikan bonus untuk produk atau layanan berbayar

Anda TIDAK DIPERBOLEHKAN menjual kembali produk PRO Presenter ini kepada siapapun, dimarketplace manapun… atau menjadikannya sebagai bonus.

TIDAK BOLEH mengedit isi produk/Template ini dan mengklaim sebagai karya Anda utuk dijual kembali di Market lokal maupun internasional.

HARAM hukumnya!

Jika nekat menjual ulang produk ini… meski kami tidak tahu tapi kami mendoakan semoga uang yang didapat AKAN MENJADI SUMBER PENYAKIT bagi anda pribadi dan keluarga!

Kepuasan anda sebagai Konsumen adalah sesuatu yang ahrus kami perhatikan dan kami lindungi.

Untuk itu kami memberikan batasan refund selama 7 hari, dengan syarat :

  • JIKA produk yang anda dapatkan isinya tidak sesuai/berbeda dengan yang kami display/sampaikan di halaman penjualan ini.
  • JIKA produk kami tidak bisa berjalan dengan baik di Aplikasi/Software yang telah kami sebutkan. (ada bukti video)
  • DAN Custumer Support kami sudah tidak bisa membantu anda.

Jika dalam 7 hari (sejak pembelian) masalah anda tidak teratasi, silahkan hubungi CS kami untuk meminta refund.

Anda bisa mengirimkan email berisi permasalahan anda, diserati bukti/screenshot dari permasalahan anda, kirim ke :

Kenapa via Email?
karena kami akan  lebih mudah dalam melacak dan  membatu anda dari sana. Kadang repot kalau hars mencantumkan Link, File, apalagi harus mengetik banyak via email… hehehe

“CANVAPEDIA” IS AN ORIGINAL PRODUCT SERIES CREATED BY PIXELOVA CREATIVE, a graphics design company based on  INDONESIA. canvapedia is not part or associated with the company. we are user and big fans of, an this is an independent website offering canva template design  as solution to help people create their graphics using


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